A Story in your Jewelry Box: Simon and Ruby

Getting lost in a good book is a pastime of mine. I adore a good story that draws you in and keeps you close. Thats why Im currently loving the chronicle behind Simon and Rubys jewelry line: “Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and designed with a story in mind. My designs are influenced heavily by my travels as well as characters in the books I read and movies I watch. I collect semi precious stones, glass, and vintage pieces from all over the world to create not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but an intriguing story as well.” I would adore a tale that includes these blue lapis earrings. And every tale deserves a happy ending: enjoy free shipping to the US and Canada.

Add some stories to your jewelry box and visit Simon and Ruby now.

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I love the idea that each piece is imbued with its own special story. I now have this mental picture of the artist crafting the jewelry with great care and joy, knowing there is a tale of meaning behind the work. Thank you for sharing!


These are beautiful!

Laura {The Embellished Nest}

What a wonderful surprise! Love that you included my new Ingrid Necklace. 🙂 And the blue lapis earrings… one of my favorite pair. I really enjoy having stories behind each one of my pieces. The little anecdotes about how I find the stones, about getting lost in a new city trying to find the market, the amazing people I meet as I am searching for the stones – one of the best parts of what I do!

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