Absolutely Nothing

absolutely nothing

Well, I’m back from Salt Lake City. Got back late last night. And after an action-packed week away from home, I feel like I need a completely action-less week at home. Has this ever happened to you?

From the moment I got off the plane last Monday in SLC, it has been go-go-go. SO much went on at Alt Summit and #ExploreCricut, it’s honestly kind of hard to put it into words. There were some highs and some lows. But the gist goes something like this…I met some awesome people, hung out with old friends, got sick (Alt plague anyone?), had a handful of meetings, and blew up (literally) 1,000+ balloons for Glimmer Shimmer Shake.

It was an intense week. No complaints! But I need one more day.

So instead of jumping back into work today, I’m taking the day to relax, recharge my batteries, and catch up on bad tv.

And I’m not even going to feel bad about it. Care to join me?

See you tomorrow with a biz card roundup.


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That looks so exciting!! Maybe some day I’ll be able to go to something like that.


That’s not a silly question at all Hailey. Alt Summit is a blogger’s conference in Salt lake City. Here’s a link: http://www.altitudesummitslc.com


This may seem like a silly question but I’m new around here. What is Alt Summit? It sounds like my kind of party for the bit I’ve seen on a few blogs.


I felt like I needed 3 days off to recover from Alt. I had such a blast but can’t recall the last time I was that tired. Glad we got to hang!


Ha!! I’m just reading this now but I know EXACTLY how you feel. This was my blog post today: http://bit.ly/Mhe1GQ


Having a day to do absolutely nothing allows for all kinds of creativity – at least that’s how it works for me. So – Enjoy!


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Hope you enjoy your day, everyone deserves a break.

Pat schwab

I would love to do absolutely nothing one of these days! Sorry you got sick. 🙁 Otherwise sounds like a blast!


I would never say no to a day of absolutely nothing!


I think we all need days like these <3


I LOVE NOTHING DAYS! I need more of those. Enjoy your day of relaxation!




You did such a great job with your party, you deserve a day off for sure! I so wish I wasn’t packing preschool lunches and getting ready for my day job, please take a nap for me 🙂

Carla Wiking

Your party was awesome! The balloons were rad! Enjoy your day off, that week was intense.


You deserve a day off, B! Enjoy it!!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Take the day off and relax. I had a long, exhasting weekend too. So, I think I may take tomorrow off, and be lazy.


definitely joining you!

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