Amazing Paintings by Clare Elsaesser

Artist Clare Elsaesser creates the most amazing paintings. I’ve known Clare since last year, when she originally became an exhibitor on papernstitch (see Clare’s pns shop here), and every month I drool over her newest work.

She keeps her Etsy shop, Tastes Orangey, stocked with awesome prints and originals like these. And I just thought a little painterly inspiration would be the best way to start the day.

Visit Tastes Orangey on Etsy to view more of Clare’s work.

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very beautiful paintings 🙂 love Clare´s style!


oops, misread the bit about the design blog… turns out she was just featured on one 😉


Thanks so much Brittni, and everyone. I have been smiling all day after reading your very sweet words. I feel encouraged…I guess I will keep painting!


I bought and framed one of Clare’s paintings of the couple in bed as a Christmas present for my boyfriend! He loved it and it was extra special because the couple actually resembled us, too (even our bedding is similar–strange, huh?)! With the print I received a very sweet handmade, handwritten card and a threaded business card. If I could afford it, I’d buy one of everything in her store!

I’m so excited to learn that she has a design blog! I’m going straight to it 🙂


wow. i’m blown away. i love that she stitches the prints on paper. that’s genius. and her style somehow freaks me out. in a good way though.


Me too Color Collective! And Lesley- thanks for sharing the link to Urban Grace. What a fabulous blog. Is this the Lesley Hamilton I worked with at Fogle? If so, how are you doing girl? I heard you recently got married. Congrats!


I knew I recognized her work– I first discovered her on an interior design blog I follow here:

Thanks for the reminder, Brittni! I’ve now bookmarked her Etsy site & blog. 🙂

Lesley Hamilton Frenz

I just love her work!

Color Collective
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