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I have always been interested in photography. It is something that I enjoy experimenting with myself, but even more so, I enjoy searching through other people’s photographs- trying to figure out what was going through their mind as they captured a fleeting moment or a subject. 


When I was introduced to Jena Ardell’s work, I was immediately intrigued by her retro imagery. It was almost as if I had been pushed back in time or had found a box of photos that my mom or dad had taken when they were young (if my mom and dad were brilliant photographers). Love it!



Image from Summer Love series


Here’s what Jena has to say about her work…


“I’m not truly able to live in a moment until I’ve photographed it because until I do, I’m eying up the shots in my head; kicking myself if I allowed the perfect moment to pass; on the verge of directing people in or out of my shot; hoping that the lighting doesn’t change; wondering how many shots are left… 


My dual passion for photography and vintage Americana (especially anything from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s) spawned my signature retro style. My goal is to make my work appear as if it was shot in another decade.”



Time Warp


Ardell’s photographs are wonderfully contemplative and remind me of the simpler times of this country, which I often wish (as I am sure many other do) we could go back to. The irony of Ardell’s ability to capture these “simpler times” in the current day gives me hope that the olden days aren’t as far out of grasp as once thought.


For more from Jena Ardell, visit her website and shop.

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Wow. This really is a time warp. I’m glad someone out there loves the look of the older days as much as I do. Keep up the amazing work missy!


I love that biochemistry shot. I would really like to have that book, to page through it over coffee.

Brittany Noel

very cool, thanks for sharing that! i really love her style.

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