Ampersands are “For Like Ever” at Oh Dier

You might remember today’s shop of the day, Oh Dier, from my house tour on Etsy a while back (the hello sign in my office is Oh Dier). I am a huge fan of what William and Katie have created with their shop and just seem to become more impressed with their line of recycled wood signs the more I see them.

Of course I love my turquoise hello sign, but I am also thinking that this one would be a nice addition to our new place. Or this. Or this. Or…well, its kind of hard to decide….

Which one would you choose?

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Went to their site and boy, they got an adorable bunch over there. I fell in love with the block bots!


great post thanks for sharing this to us.


Awesome Van. I knew you would like those little robot toys. They have these other items that you might like too… they are robot toys made of wood blocks. Pretty cool.


I’m a huge fan of their work, too. I will definitely have to scoop something up with that incredible discount! I adore the last product photo with the robot toys and the brick wall as well. My kind of scene!

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