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so hard to choose! yellow is so cheery… but I love this shade of blue, too.


I would go for the blue! The yellow is sweet and sunny, but I love aqua!!! So fresh and energizing!
I especially love the picture with the runner… the combination of white painted wood and that light aqua is just yummmm!

pilli pilli

I am having a hard time deciding myself Rachel. But isn’t that painted runner amazing on the white staircase Pilli? I adore it!


LOVE that cute little fireplace and the runner (gives me an idea for our place) and then there’s that studio…well I’m beyond jealous! 🙂 Yellow is so fun and I use it all the often but given a choice blue wins every time!

Renée Anne

typo sorry, “all the often”? :S “all the time” or “often” which ever you choose 🙂

Renée Anne

I’m going with the yellow today.. although I do love the blue fireplace up top.


This is sooo lovely!

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Definitely blue.

Lisa Recko

I am usually a fan of yellow, but I am really liking that blue fire place!


I love hints of blue! (like our blue line…) I find it just brightens up a room and makes it just a little less serious!

Tali Schiffer

i am loving the hint of blue. the first pic with the blue fireplace is divine! i also love the paint runner going up the stairs. this is giving me inspiration, i’ve been wanting a blue wall in my bedroom for ages!

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