Meet/Make/Do (a blogger's retreat and workshop)

You may have seen some rumbling on my Instagram lately, but I never fully explained anything further than that about a really exciting event that I put together with two of my dear friends, Kelly of Studio DIY and Chelsea of Lovely Indeed. This event is literally one year in the making. It all started when I went to go visit these two in LA for the day early last year…We went to Bottega Louie and the flower market and a few hours later, we started talking about this crazy idea.

It quickly unfolded and after what can only be described as an excessive number of Skype meetings, we decided we HAD to make this happen. So what’s ‘this’?


A three-day blogger’s retreat / workshop in Palm Springs, designed to recharge and inspire. All sponsored by the fine folks at Bing. There will be plenty of relaxing by the pool, in between brainstorming sessions and project/styling activities. And that’s probably all I should say for now, except that we’ve invited some very awesome blogger’s to participate. The whole thing will go down at the end of February and we’ll be sharing plenty of inspiration photos and projects from our time there.

You can follow along with the hashtag #MeetMakeBing and I’m sure I’ll be posting more deets either here or on my Instagram as we get closer.

P.S. If all goes well, we will more than likely roll out more events like this one. So even though this first event is invite only, there just may be a chance for you to participate in the future.

*Logo design by Jordan Brantley. I love her hand lettering! Don’t you?

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WOW… It sounds like it is going to be such a fun time! I look forward to hearing more!

Virginia Fynes

Sounds like heaven!


Wow, that sounds amazing! Wish I could come, London is a bit far though… Enjoy!


oooooh how amazing! Crafting and getting inspired for a whole 3 days. And in Palm Springs??!!! Sign me up 😉 xx

Audrey - This Little Street

How does one get a ticket or participate in some fashionable fashion?
Excited to be part of the action and learn to pimp up my blog presence.


Yay. Thanks Becca. I’m looking forward to heading to Palm Springs next month…I’ve never been. So this will be a first on several levels, for me.


Oooh this sounds so fun! I’m excited to hear all about it!

Becca | Ladyface Blog


Thanks Jillian and Denysia. Hope to share more soon.


I love the idea of something like this! Can’t wait to hear more about this! 🙂

Denysia Yu

Wow, this sounds amazing! 🙂


Thanks Kayli. We are really excited about it!


That sounds like a blast of an event! Can’t wait to follow along and if you have more, attend in the future!

Kayli Schattner
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