Are you a Fabric Girl?

Okay. I am a fabric girl. And I suspect that you are too.

I collect piles of textiles. I have bins and bins of fabric from my grandmother and thrift stores, and fabric stores, and Etsy, and..well, you get the point. But the (kind of) weird thing is…dun, dun, dun…I don’t sew!

I know, weird, right?

So what do I do with all this fabric I stash in the closets and under the bed? Well, I use it for projects that don’t involve sewing of course, like the bunting from our wedding (yep, that was a no sew project).

But as much fabric as I have on hand, one of the types that I haven’t really tried out is oilcloth. I don’t really know why because it seems quite practical + it’s shiny and fun and easy to clean (bonus!). So I am thinking about giving it a try. And if and when I ever learn to sew, I will be picking up this book, Sewing with Oilcloth, from Kelly McCants…

Is this cover amazing or what?

I HAVE TO learn how to make that chalk runner at the top of this post from the book because I am pretty sure those cream puffs will just magically appear if I do. Yum!

If you are already a sewer, you are one step ahead of me. So kudos to you. And you can get a little sneak peek into Sewing with Oilcloth right here to see if it tickles your fancy.

Kelly has a really awesome selection of oilcloth as well, hence the name of her shop, Oilcloth Addict. So it’s pretty much one-stop shopping. What’s not to like?

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That bunting is amazing! Love the colours (:

Feast for the Eyes

I suck at sewing. So Im in complete awe of anyone who can sew. But look at that amazing cover ..makes me want to learn sewing ! Absolutely a beautiful riot of colors and great cover idea. Great display.


I have developed a real love for sewing this past year. I am actually working on trying to find more ways to work sewing into my printmaking. I just love the two so much – I would love to be able to use them more together.


Keeping It Indie

oh yeah. we are on the same page with that one donaville. i do really want to learn how to sew though. they had a class at alt for beginners and i should have taken it.

no matter – i am brainstorming a project for this fabric as we speak.



I don’t sew either and have a sewing machine i thrifted almost two years ago that I havent taken out of the bag yet. Eeps! Needles sort of give me the heebie jeebies.

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