Are You Still on Track in 2011?

Incredibly, 45% of people who set goals for the new year fail before the end of January! And guess what? Today is the last day of January.

I’ve been talking about goals and goal tracking a lot lately. In fact, I just wrote a post about this very topic (in length) today on Scoutie Girl. Read that post here. And welcome to SG readers visiting for the first time.

So, I wanted to pose this question to you:

Are you (and your business goals) still on track in 2011? Be honest.

And if you’ve fallen off the wagon, what are you going to do to get back on track?

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I kept my resolutions simple, and surprisingly, I’m on track! (Even though I played some last-second catch up.) Now to slowly add more to my simple goals 🙂

Keeping things simple kept me motivated and inspired so I didn’t burn out.

Now I’m off to read your guest post!


Glad to hear you are on track Van! Great idea to slowly add goals as you achieve the ones that you already have.


Putting goals to paper is very helpful. It gave me a clear idea of what I want, what I can accomplish, and also, in my mind, committed me to accomplishing those goals. Whether I think they’re out of reach or not, I can’t talk my self out of trying for them now that they’re staring me in the face everyday. I love that.

I am happy to say that I’ve met my goals this month. Sort of. Some things fell through, but not by my hand and I’m glad I pushed and tried. Now there’s a new month ahead, and I hope to meet my goal for it, too.

All I have to do, is not let myself talk myself out of trying.

Naomi Shiek

Good job Naomi. Thanks for sharing your goals here on the blog.


Brittni, I am so happy to report that I am still on track with my goals. I plan out monthly goals that I want to reach each month, most of which I do, but not all. I share those goals with my blog readers as a form of accountability & transparency & then report back with the results. Hopefully this will help others to see the importance of setting achievable goals & STICKING with it. One important thing I’ve realized though is that it’s sooo important to go back over the goals that you’ve set for yourself on a regular basis to see if they’re still what you want & if they’re still realistic. People change & so do our goals. They aren’t a write ’em & forget ’em sort of thing!



Meagan, this is an excellent idea >> “I share those goals with my blog readers as a form of accountability & transparency & then report back with the results.” Love it! thanks for sharing.


I love goals and to-do lists, and rework mine all of the time, no matter what part of the year we’re in! With the economy, keeping momentum built towards my Etsy shop is challenging, but I refuse to give up and I honestly believe in what I am doing and just need to keep re-realizing my goals.


Reworking is a great idea Sarade. It’s always good to go back into things every once in a while and “check in” and rework.


Last year I started a “101 things to do before 30” list and I’m slowly checking items off. One of the items is to start my own business. this item occupies my mind almost everyday and sooner or latter I’m going to check it off! when this day comes, it’ll be a true milestone!

Isabel Marques

Starting your own business is definitely a big one Isabel!

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