Are you the Crazy Bag Lady?

I am always hunting for another purse or clutch to go with this or that. Sometimes I feel like the crazy bag lady: hoarding totes, messengers, and hobos like your kooky old neighbor that lives down the street. Every neighborhood has one. So yep, I AM that one in my ‘hood.

Now I am sure you are not nearly as obsessed as I am, but I have a feeling you have a tiny bit of that in you too. So let’s sit down and talk about Milk & Honey Handbags. Shall we?

From what I can tell every handmade clutch, tote, messenger, and coin purseĀ  from Milk & Honey is vegan friendly, number one (which is great!). And each piece in the collection is made for everyday use: simple but still totally stylish.

I love ’em! And I am pretty sure you will too.

Visit Milk & Honey Handbags on Etsy now to get your crazy bag lady on.

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Love these bags!! The colors are gorgeous too!!


I have surrendered to my fate as a crazy bag lady! Love these!


I love the simple designs and fall colors of the clutches. Gorgeous!


I love the clutches! I can never have enough clutches.

Hannah @ Sparrow + Spark!

Ha! Yes, I am the crazy bag lady. These are lovely bags.


Yes, yes, and yes! I love a good bag and Milk and Honey is incredible. I’ve been eyeing their goodies for awhile now. I’m just waiting for an excuse to buy myself one!

Jen @ A Touch of Lovely
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