Argyle Whale is…

Hawt Gocco Print (I just bought this one-love it!)

Argyle Whale is the brainchild of Elise Snow and includes a shop, blog, and website. Elise’s work is delightfully humorous, adorable, and affordable. Her gocco prints, paintings, and cards depict various animals and elements of nature. 

1. Scarf Bunny Journal 2. Jackalope Customizable Card Set 3. Fiesta Snakes Gocco Print

Bunnies, specifically, pop up in much of Elise’s work (as you can see), which undoubtedly is derived from her love for her own bunny. 

4. Scarf Bunnies Gocco Print 5. Detail from Scarf Bunny Journal 6. Proud Llama Notebook 7. Treasure Patterns Gocco Print

To view more from Argyle Whale, click here.

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I just have to say that you’ve captured my sister-in-law’s greatness quite nicely. 😉 She’s an amazing artist and so very creative. I’m glad to see that the love for her travels nation-wide! 😀


It was my pleasure Elise! And thank you for the shout out. 🙂


This feature is spectacular! Thanks so very much. Thanks for buying a print too 🙂 I gave you a little shout out in m blog. Hope it gets you some attention!

Elise of Argyle Whale
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