Sniff. Sniff. Organic Scents from The Alchemist’s Heart

Darlene of The Alchemists Heart has an enviable amount of passion and dedication for her craft. She’s a photographer and graphic designer, but her heart is in mixing up enticing scents. She’s been blending her own compositions for over 15 years!

The perfumes Darlene sells in her Etsy shop are all natural and contain no artificial aromatic ingredients. The essences used in her creations are sourced from natural origins and are derived from plants, roots, herbs, and other botanical sources.

According to Darlene, “Natural perfume is discreet and very different than alcohol laden colognes. I can’t think of anyone who likes their perfume making an entrance before they do!” Her signature scents are designed to last 5 to 7 hours.

Shop the wide variety of scents available in The Alchemist’s Heart Etsy Shop.
(The detailed descriptions will make you wish you could smell through your computer screen!)

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So elegant and pretty! Although I bookmarked this a while ago, I still felt I had to comment and say, Thanks for sharing. :))


Oh, lovely! The packing is so exquisite!


Ooo… these are great! I may just go and pick some up!


eeee! i just ordered samples of the rose and jasmine!

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