Artist to Watch: Mareike Auer

I have always been a huge fan of artists that don’t take themselves too seriously and try to incorporate humor into their work. So naturally, I am completely smitten with Austrian painter, Mareike Auer.

This is what Mareike says of her work… “The work is artless, straightforward and easy with a sense of humor and trying to get to the bottom of everyday occurrences.

All of her prints are available at her shop in three sizes, which means there is a price range for everyone. We love that! Best before 2028 has my name written all over it. I must have it.

Visit Mareike Auer‘s online portfolio to view more of her work.

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What a cute blog! I got here through wishwishwish and am enjoying it. especially love ur post below, about your orange crushes. It’s gonna be Queen’s day in the Netherlands this Friday and we’re gonna all dress up in orange – the national colour – so you’ve given me a couple of good ideas! =)

i’ve just started an art/fashion blog – do come by and say hi! 😀

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