Artist you Should Know…Robin Clare

Left to right. Radiator on Lime Pattern and Washer on Orange Pattern 

I am blown away by the work of this artist, Robin Clare, who lives in United Kingdom. Clare contacted me a couple of weeks ago to let me know about her artwork and while perusing her site, I became more and more impressed. 

Left to right. Trash and Fridge on Yellow Pattern

I find the artist’s choice to focus much of her work on basic household items and appliances of particular interest to me. These mundane objects often appear alone and are shown outside of the environment that you might normally see them. The imagery created by these discarded items against the bold, graphic-patterned backgrounds leads the viewer to ponder the world of excess in which we live.

Left to right. Mitterrand and Reagan

In addition to her Patterns series and Found series, Clare explores portraits in a body of work entitled Super Villains. I love the painterly qualities of these portraits. The stark backgrounds bring focus to the beautiful strokes of color that distort the faces of these political figures. 

For more from Robin Clare, visit her website, blogEtsy shop, or Dawanda shop.

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This is my favorite artist you have showcased on your blog so far. I had not heard of Robin before, but I will not forget her now.

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