B Johnson Giveaway


B Johnson Jewelry is having a fun little giveaway for a pearl necklace that Betty, owner of the custom jewelry shop, made special for the occasion. It would be great for a night out or for a ¬†bride-to-be. (I purposely did not attach a photo of the necklace…you’ll have to click the link to check it out). Hehe.


Side Note: There will be no blog of the week this week (or for the next couple of weeks for that matter) as I prepare to leave for my honeymoon- I am not leaving until the end of the week, but am starting to “hunker down” now. Yes, I just said hunker down. Regular posting will continue while I am gone, but blog of the week won’t be back until July 6th.

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beutiful jewellery, I shall leave a comment later as my brain has gone today…all my wit has wandered away.

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