Baby Names: What Names Do you Love + How Do You Decide on a Name That Will Suit Your Child?

Baby Names: What Names Do you Love + How Do You Decide on a Name That Will Suit Your Child? #babynames #uniquebabynames #creativebabynames

As Jeff and I have been thinking about names for our baby boy, we’ve gone through a pretty big list that I’ve been keeping for years. Admittedly, when I first started it I wasn’t even sure we’d ever even have kids. Remember my maybe baby post?! So a lot of the names became reserved for future pets, which was fun actually, since we’re both such huge animal lovers. But now, we have a fairly solid list of possible names for our kid. We just can’t decide! And it’s been a point of conversation in our house ever since we found out we were having a boy.

Which leads me to today’s discussion…Do you like the name your parents gave you when you were born? If you could change it to anything else in this world, would you? And if so, what would you choose? And (probably most relevant to Jeff and I’s current scenario0…How do you pick a name that will (hopefully) suit a tiny human being who you just met, for their entire life? Click through to weigh in and share your picks for baby boy names.

Before we found out the sex of the baby, we already had two girl names that we really, really loved. But boy names didn’t come as easy, which was strange because I wanted a boy from the get-go. We just couldn’t think of any that felt like the perfect match.

BUT Jeff and I are also pretty dead-set on not picking out a name until we actually meet him, spend some time with him. See what he looks like, how he acts, etc. Then, we’ll pick a name from the list we’ve come up with so far…or maybe even come up with something on the spot. Who knows!

Side note…I’ve always been fascinated by parents who have the name of their baby picked out months before he (or she) is born. The ones that just know ahead of time and are so sure of the name that they get it embroidered on things ahead of time, etc. When it comes to anything outside of personal style / design, etc, I’ve always kind of been a second-guesser in life (not my favorite quality to be honest). So, I think my fascination comes from being so sure you’ve picked the ‘right’ name without ever having met that person before.

But anyway, that’s a whole other tangent. So let me get back on track.

For us, the requirements for names are pretty simple. We want something unique / creative / cool sounding, but not so insanely unique or particular that he would feel like his only options in life are to grab a paint brush or pick up a guitar (although that would be great). Just in case he takes more of an interest in sports…or video games…or whatever. We want to pick a name that gives him room to kind ‘make his own’, but not something so simple that it doesn’t have any uniqueness at all (if that even makes sense).

Here are a handful of names that we’ve tossed around over the last few months.

River or Rivers
Kline (after artist Franz Kline)
Rooney or Roonie (nickname could be Roo)
Blue (I love color names and this one has some significance to us)
Cy (after artist Cy Twombly)
Yves (after artist Yves Klein)
Ollie (prob too popular for us to go with, but I really like names that end in ‘ie’)
Otto (I like some old timey names like this)

Our top couple of names aren’t on this list BUT this is an idea for where we are headed. And honestly, we could end up going with any of these as well once we meet him. Or something entirely different. I’d LOVE for you to share any name suggestions you might have for us.

They don’t have to be on this list! In fact, I think some new ideas would be awesome, since I’m so lost right now. Haha. What names do you love for boys? 

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I absolutely love this list. I love old timey names, my children are named jackie and charlie, feel free to use those if you like them

Ashley Hoober

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My son’s name is different but straightforwardly written and sounding. I think that is the key to a name. His middle name is the same as my Dad’s, my brother’s middle name which is my Grandfathers. My daughter who I was pretty sure was going to be another boy. Her name is from 3 unrelated aunts and my doctor’s name! I like having a personalized name added being the first or middle. I love Otto as that would have been my daughter’s name after her great-grandfather!


My husband and I had girl names picked out early on in our pregnancies. However, my first was a boy – and we decided we were going to give him a name that we personally didn’t know anyone else who was named it: Parker. Jackson is his middle name and we figured we could do PJ for short if he did t like Parker. Or Jackson later on too. He’s 3 now and he is definitely a Parker.

My second pregnancy was a shock when we found out we were having identical twin boys, they are now six months old, but coming up with two MORE boy names almost killed us. Hahah. We ended up going the family route this time: Benjamin Charles (my husband’s father’s middle name is Charles) and Harrison James (Harry is my grandfather’s name, which he had passed onto his son. He had two sons and both of them had 7 girls total … no boys! So, we have Harry and Benny! We use their nicknames a lot, but also figured we could go the middle name route if needed – such as Charlie or Jaime.

We did have names picked out prior to their birth, and especially with the twins – I was able to know who was who from their movements. One was temperamental. The other not so much. So, we named them for that as well.

So much thought goes into it, and then you meet them, and I fell in love with not the namesake, but them. And their names just fit perfectly. Excited for you to welcome your bundle of joy soon! It truly is a love you can’t ever describe. 💙


I had a daughter and we wanted something unique but normal – if you know what I mean. She could be an artist or President! We nailed it and so happy with her name but it can be difficult to land on something until you actually meet them! Ollen is a name that isn’t on your list but that you might like!


Although unique names sound cool to us, most of them get a child teased in school. As a teacher, I will never understand why some parents put their child through such torture.

My son was named Brian. Not a name I had even considered. My husband and I couldn’t agree on girls’ or boys’ names. One day I said I like the name “Brianna.” My husband’s reaction was, “What kind of name is that?” I explained it was the feminine version of Brian. He liked that name. I said, “Well, I hope to God we have a boy then,” because at least I didn’t object.

There were some uncommon names I considered the second time: Trevor and Trent were the ones I remember. We decided on Blake.


We wanted something a tad unique for our daughters, but not so unique or oddly spelled that they would have to constantly repeat their names or spell them to people. I also thought about nicknames and initials for all the choices. Aside from people being confused by the way a name sounds and is spelled, also consider whether their name would help or hurt them as they are making their way in the world. It’s an unfortunate truth that people are pre-judged by their name!


With our daughter we had a pretty long list of names. In the weeks leading up to my due date we would choose a name each day and call her that all day to see how it felt. Eventually we kind of realized we kept coming back to one of the names. We hadn’t actually confirmed the name until she was born though. In the recovery room we looked at her together and said all our top names trying to decide which seemed right. Lo and behold she’s Jude. Which was the name we kept coming back to over and over again. She’s almost 2 now, and it still fits her perfectly.


Amelia! Love the story of Rosemary’s full name! AND Wednesday shortened to Wynn is THE BEST. I just love it.


I still love the name Otto best! We picked Ro’s middle name right after my epidural kicked in. We had been pretty set on Rosemary Katherine (an ode to my aunt who passed when she was a teenager) for most of my pregnancy. But three weeks prior to her birth, Jonathan had a dream and in the dream and women came and said to him “Rosemary Wednesday.” We thought for sure it meant she would arrive that Wednesday. Come to find out, she came the Wednesday after her due date, to which we still dubbed “Rosemary Wednesday” and In between contractions, I tossed out the name Wynn to Jonathan. He hadn’t really loved the name before when I brought it up, but I loved that it meant Joy and that on her birthday every year we could say “it’s Rosemary Wynn’s Day” and tell her the story of her birth on. I was still scared to proclaim it to the whole world right away until we had more time with her, so we waited until the next day to announce it. All of her hospital documents and wristbands say “Baby Girl Lawrence” which I find funny 🙂 you’ll pick the perfect name, and it may not be until day 3 in the hospital! So don’t stress too much.


Thanks Ranae. We definitely have a few contenders, but nothing that we’re super sure of. Hope you’re right thought that we’ll ‘just know’ when he’s born. Fingers crossed…or we may have a nameless baby for a little while. Haha.


I am a teacher and I have met soooooo many kids that do not look like their name. I always have a hard time remembering their names when that is the case. We are expecting our 3rd and will wait to name her until we meet her. Kids today have all sorts of names, pick your top 2 or 3 and when you meet him you will know it is the right one. Our 18 month old is Enzo, it was the third name we came up with as we were waiting to be induced and as soon as I saw him I knew that was his name.


Michelle. I hadn’t really considered looking too deep into name sites before…but someone else recommended that in an earlier comment and I looked last night more in depth and there’s actually some really good names on there. How did I not realize this before? Kinda nice to see a ton of names at once to see if any name in particular triggers another idea, etc.


We had a hard time with a boy name too, and it took a whole lot of just going through name sites before we decided on Nolan. It was our top name for awhile at the end of pregnancy and it just began to feel “right” after awhile. It also went well saying it with the rest of our names (Michelle, Nik, and our daughter Stella.) I also really loved the name Luca or Luka.

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