Beads in the Belfry

Flower Vase in the Window Necklace and My Personal Garden Cocktail Ring

I received an email from Nina of Beads in the Belfry, who let me know about her unique jewelry line. Here’s what Nina had to say about the line:

The mission of this line is to provide beautiful jewelry combining sophistication with a little bit of whimsy. Beads in the Belfry is for the woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously but knows when to turn on the no-nonsense look (you know the look) when necessary. A focus is placed on love of the organic and a touch of imagination.

You can check out the Beads in the Belfry shop right here.

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I want to say that I love Nina’s jewellery, I bought a necklace for my mothers birthday and it was really beautiful. 🙂

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