Interior Obsessions: You Better WORK!

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021


Said in my best RuPaul voice.

It’s been a while since I rounded up workspaces and I feel like I need a little inspiration in that department today. So instead of making this post super wordy, let’s just jump right in.

Here are a handful of spaces I’m loving right now…

(above) A fall-inspired desk with an awesome pink chair. (via Paper Collective)


A workspace that I would love to create in. (via sfgirlbybay)

The office (1 av 1)

A minimal office space. (via Daniella Witte)


The perfect inspiration wall. (via The Design Files)


I’ve never loved deep green as much I do in this photo. Great place to do some computer work. (via 79 Ideas)


And the window in this studio! Yes, please. (via The Design Files)

What does your ideal workspace look like? Any particular must-haves to keep you inspired?

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November Pinspiration | Style & Influence

I love workspace inspirations! When I get my own home I’m most excited to create an office for myself!


This studio with a window looks co stylish and comfortable and cosy) I also love minimalism so the first one fir-cone is cool) I wish my working place could look like one of these…)


guess my ideal workspace look like the ones that are shown – nr. 1 and 4 – although my current one is a mess, but dreaming up a new one is a great idea – all the best, julia

julia I mintlametta

all of these are so fun and functional! I am especially loving workspace number two. so much whitespace and natural light!

love, arielle
a simple elegance


Hi Samantha. You could always put up a makeshift inspiration wall with photos, magazine clippings, quotes, etc that you love for now. It’s totally temporary and all you really need is some washi tape to tape things up. Might be a good solution for bringing in some inspiration for your workspace, even before you move.


Everyone needs to stop posting about their amazing looking home office/work spaces. I’m so jealous. Currently I’m stuck working on a cheap desk I got at K-Mart in the corner of the living room. At least there is a window I can currently open nearby. But… that’s it. I want to work on it, but we might be moving soon so I guess I’ll wait until that gets done. Someday… 🙂 I guess I can store some of these idea’s until then! 🙂


Yeah, dreaming up a new space is always fun. Isn’t it, Gianna? I’d love to design a new office and studio for myself as well. And actually, I’ll have that opportunity when we move out of this place and into a new one. Hope you are able to do the same soon.


The only difficulty with posts like this is that I can’t photographically store them in my memory until I can use them. I just have to hope my filing system for the world wide web holds the ideas placemarked, and in the future when I’m ready, I can come back to all the loveliness and craft some of my own.

I can’t say I DON’T like my work place, but I’d love to just get my hands dirty designing a room of my own.

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