Behind the Scenes: Creepy Beet Hands, Color Blocked Pops, and a Sticky Situation

By Brittni • Updated on 04/19/2016

Behind the scenes food styling

Catching up on some overdue behind the scenes shots from around here lately, with a speed round. And this one may or may not include a bloody hand or two (but it’s not what you think). Here we go…

(above) I got the most delicious macarons in the mail from a friend. And I’m pretty into this color scheme at the moment too.

Behind the scenes food styling

The stickiest dessert I’ve styled to date (but also one of the most delicious, so I’m not complaining). From the cracker jack caramel fudge post.

Color blocked wine pops

Outtake from one of the popsicle recipes I created for Barefoot Wine. Side note: I am obsessed with using those wood lollipop sticks as popsicle sticks now. Never going back!

Eat Your Veggies: red beet hands

I originally bought the hand cookie cutters I used in the iced cookie pattern post for the eat your veggies post I did back in February. It took us FOREVER to slice the beets with a VERY dull knife (which was the only one at the studio at the time). Then we used a mallet to pierce the cookie cutters through the beet slices. And then we photographed them and realized they looked like straight up creepy blood hands. Haha.

Needless to say, they did not make the cut. They’re not all winners, that’s for sure.

Behind the scenes food styling

Arranging the lemons for that ‘perfectly’ messy look, for the limoncello mousse recipe.

Behind the scenes styling at Paper & Stitch

And last but not least… A pulled back view of the iced cookies pattern post. And I finally got to use the hand cookie cutters successfully!

What kinds of things have you been getting into lately? Anything fun, strange, or crazy to share? I’d love to hear about it.

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Hehe, I suppose you could always save the beet hands for a Halloween DIY recipe though! Those would make some “bloody” good finger food for snacking on 🙂


Haha. Thanks Kimberly. Yeah, I wanted to use them on a different fruit or veggie for that original post, but the beets were the only thing we still needed an idea for at the time. And it ended up being the wrong move. But at least we got a laugh out of it. 🙂


I’m so glad you ditched the beet hands; they look straight out of a horror movie! I hope they don’t creep into my dreams tonight. Scary! They look so much cuter as pastel sugar cookies.

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