Behind the Scenes: My Dog is a Diva and Other Moments Lately

By Brittni • Updated on 07/20/2015

Behind the Scenes | Paper & Stitch

It’s been a while since the last behind the scenes post, and after last week’s colorful bday party shoot, I definitely have my share of BTS photos to share. So, let’s start with those and slowly work our way into the fact that my dog is a diva…

Behind the Scenes | Hanging a Honeycomb Wall

Behind the Scenes | Paper & Stitch

The main focus for the bday party shoot was a crazy colorful wall, to make the white chairs and table linens pop. It took Linda and I about 2 hours to put together the honeycomb wall, from start to finish. It probably would have gone a little faster, had I not been so particular about spacing out the colors evenly. But you know, whatever.

The wall that we ended up shooting on is not actually a full wall (it goes up about 8 or 9 feet feet and then there’s a two foot break to open into the kitchen for reasons I will never understand). So we had to shoot the party scene pretty tight, which actually turned out to be better anyway. Thank you Kimberly for doing such an awesome job with the photography! Final photos of the party post here

There are a couple of random outlets on that wall too, which I felt compelled to have a photo of, so I could show you. Luckily, all the outlets were covered by puffy colored things.

Behind the Scenes | Imaginary Dip Dyeing

Moving right along…here’s an outtake from a recent project I did for Urban Outfitters. We were trying to figure out what top would look best as the background for the step by step photos. This one was not the winner. But aren’t my imaginary dyeing skills great?

Behind the Scenes | Melting Eclair Ice Cream Sandwiches

This is what happens when you don’t get the chocolate eclair ice cream sandwiches back into the fridge before they melt.

Behind the Scenes | Photobombing Dog

Behind the Scenes | Photobombing Dog

Luna made her way into the office organization shoot because, and I quote, she is “A star and I need to treat her like one, dammit.” She tends to be a little free with her language when she hasn’t had her breakfast.

So, we took her picture to make her happy.

None of the photos made their way into the final posts (which you can see here and here if you’re interested). BUT, even though the photo is blurry, I had to share that second photo here to demonstrate just how happy she was to have her moment in the spotlight. Isn’t she pretty?!?!

Behind the Scenes | Paper & Stitch

And lastly…moving a honey dipper 1 inch to the left or right pretty much sums up how I spend the majority of my days. Grilled peaches and cream recipe here.

P.S. I finally joined Snapchat, so for more behind the scenes moments like these, follow me @brittnimehlhoff. You can search for me there or just take a photo of the snapcode (yellow ghost box) below, then open up Snapchat, go to add friends, then choose add via snapcode, and select the photo you just took.

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I love these behind-the-scenes posts and I can’t get over how awesome the party wall looked! Luna is super cute (: she really does look so happy in that photo!

xx Jia


Thanks Monique. Yep! I forget sometimes too and its always a bummer.


This is so awesome so see. Those honeycombs make everything awesome. And it is nice to see that others also forget to put their ice cream back in the fridge. It happens to me like every time. 🙂

Monique | WritingMonique

Hahaha. Ah, the random happenings around here lately. Glad I could entertain you, Sharon. 🙂


oh lol lol lol.
*Ms. Diva and her ‘tude. whata’ya’gunna’do??!
*and the honey dipper adjustment ~ oh thank goodnesssssss!!

sharon /

Thanks Paige. Yeah. she is a cutie…though you wouldn’t know if from that photo. 🙂


You ladies know how to have fun! I love all these shots, and your pup is so cute!


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