Behind the Scenes: Rooftop Snacks And Victory Laps

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Behind the scenes at Paper & Stitch studios

I’m not going to lie…sometimes after a super long day of shooting, I feel like I want to jump on top of a couch Tom Cruise style and proclaim my love for Katie Holmes for the end of the work day. BUT then I remember I love my job, even on the long days. So, I just do a mini victory lap with my arms out and call it a day.

Behind the scenes at Paper & Stitch

Here’s what things have been looking like lately behind the scenes…

A rooftop snack in Amsterdam

This was the rooftop of our Airbnb in Amsterdam. Naturally, I felt compelled to throw together a rooftop meal, complete with pastries and flowers (couldn’t resist buying some from the market) so we could soak up the sun. If you follow me on Snapchat, you already know how all this went down. If not, whatcha waiting for. 🙂 I’m brittnimehlhoff over there.

Behind the scenes styling at Paper & Stitch studios

Behind the scenes styling at Paper & Stitch studios

Here’s me getting things arranged for Oh Make Me Over: My Morning Beauty Routine post. I’m so into beauty products these days…And actually, I just added a couple more to my roster after a recommendation from a friend: Sunday Riley’s Good Genes and Ceramic Slip Cleanser.

On anther note… I really, really love that nail polish color.

Behind the scenes at Paper & Stitch studios

I think I could have honestly played with the ribbon from our Mother’s Day gift wrap DIY for another couple of hours. But we had already exceeded our stopping point for the day and everyone wanted to go home. So, away we went. Love that ribbon though….and those candy confetti treats.

Behind the scenes picnic with Paper & Stitch

Trying to fix my hair during a picnic in the park. I think I could have straight up taken a nap there. So comfy.

Behind the scenes at Paper & Stitch studios

And this is the semi-cleaned up version of what the strawberry mojito popsicles recipe looked like when we were done. Much less messy than a typical food shoot, I have to say. But when you end up shooting from start to finish in literally 5 minutes, it tends to be less messy. Popsicles wait for no one before they start melting. No one!

Photography by Amelia Tatnall, Rachel Brewer, and Kaye Patton

What kinds of things have you been getting into lately? Anything strange / crazy / funny to share? I’d love to hear about it.

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Lovely piece… And the venue is magnificent…..


Isn’t it nice, Michelle? Wish I was still there!


Wow, that rooftop place you got there is gorgeous!


Glad you like ’em Susan. I’m pretty thoroughly obsessed with pillows too. 🙂


Obsessed with those throw pillows! This looks delightful.


Thanks Janet. 🙂 Yeah, having access to that roof in Amsterdam was pretty awesome.


Love your nail colors! What a lovely rooftop picnic, too.

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