Beyond the Surface

Are you a print lover? I’m not just talking inkjet prints from original paintings here, I am talking editioned prints from a printmaker.

If you are, I have someone that I think you should check out. Her name is Kelly Tankersley and her shop is called 88editions. Her monotypes are beautiful, and I would probably say they are my favorite. The rich blacks on top of the cream antiqued book pages, quite literally tell a deeper story than what can be read on the surface. They feel very calming and soothing, which I find unusual for pieces with so much darkness (color-wise). Really love her work.

You can visit Kelly’s shop, 88editions, to browse her entire collection of prints.

Have a lovely weekend. I’ll be back Monday. Hope to “see” you then.


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Very wonderful art.. Thanks for sharing!


These are gorgeous! I`ve featured kelly`s work in my Etsy treasuries as well! They`re really something else 😀 Very nice post!

Juls @ BorneoBatikraft


These are beautiful…

Laura Trevey

my pleasure mri. thanks for stopping by!


Thank you so much for sharing!

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