Make This: 3 Unique Ways to Use Fresh Flowers


I’ve shared a bunch of DIY ideas for fresh flowers over the last few months. But what about when those flowers start to wilt and die? Well, it turns out, that there are still a few cool things that you can do with flowers that are on their last leg, along with the ones that you accidentally cut to short for the vase, etc. And that’s what today’s projects are all about. Let’s jump in…

1. Make a flower ring.

This idea screams summer to me for some reason. And it’s my personal favorite. It’s just a super fun (and easy) way to dress up an outfit for a night out with friends or a picnic in the park.

Using short-stemmed (or broken-stemmed) flowers that you would otherwise have to toss, try this…Grab a ring blank, which you can find in the jewelry section at any craft store, and a glue gun. Cut the stem completely off from the bloom. Add some hot glue to the ring. Gently press the flower into the glue. Let it dry for a few minutes. And wear it out. NOTE: I used yellow mums for the ring and it lasted 3 entire days (with no water) before it started to wilt. So if you choose your flowers wisely, you can get multiple wears out of ’em.





2. Make a tiny arrangement in an unexpected vessel.

mini creamer from Pigeon Toe Ceramics made for the perfect vessel for a few short stems that weren’t long enough for a regular vase. I keep these little arrangements on my desk whenever I have a few stragglers lying around from bouquets. 




3. Make flower petal confetti.

You may remember this project from a few weeks ago. But, if not, here’s the gist…Before tossing flowers that have withered and wilted in the trash, pick off the petals and use them as flower confetti. This is a fun, eco-friendly alternative to other party confetti, especially if you’re throwing a party outdoors. More flower confetti photos here.



So that’s it. Three super easy ways to extend the life of flowers, past the traditional vase stage. Have any other ideas for ways you can use flowers that are on their last leg? I’d love to hear ’em.

P.S. I came up with at least 3 more while writing this post, so I am willing to bet there will be a part II to this post someday soon.

Concept, photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff. Modeling by Amanda Toman.

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