Biz Challenge: Your Big Dreams For The New Year

This contributor post was written by Genevieve of Lightbox SF.

As December draws to a close many of us have the natural inclination to reflect on the year gone by and create big hopes for one quickly approaching. I’m not much of a fan of resolutions because of the “succeed or fail dichotomy” they set up, but I am a fan of big planning and dreaming. So I want to challenge you with an exercise I have many of my clients do in the early stages of our working together.

Give yourself an hour or two where you know you can write undisturbed. Set up your favorite writing tools, blank paper and pencil, your favorite lined notebook and fountain pen or your computer, maybe with a program like Omm Writer.

I want you to write out the details of your ideal day. Start from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep. This isn’t a getaway vacation day, but an ideal day in your everyday life. What work would you be doing? Where would you be doing it? Who else would you interact with? How many other things you enjoy would fit into your day?

Don’t let yourself get hung up on your current reality. If you have a toddler at home, but are secretly yearning for the day when he goes to school so you have your afternoons to yourself, write out that day. Dream bigger than you possibly dare.

Add in all the details you can. Think of how your entire life will be at this moment, not just your work experience. Are you in better shape and effortlessly fitting in exercise? Have you found the supportive, loving partner you’ve been searching for? Write out how he fits in. How do you feel during this day? What specific tasks are you doing? What is your larger role? This vision can be next year, 3 years or 10 years from now.

Imagining your perfect day allows you to see a new reality of what could be, it gives you something tangible to work toward. Use this vision you’ve created as a guide for what you want to accomplish in the coming year. Post your perfect day somewhere where you can see it. Use it as motivation when you have those “frustrating, just want to quit” days. If you can imagine it, it is possible.

What can you do right now to get one step closer to this reality?

painting by Lisa Coutts

Genevieve Robertson writes about creative marketing strategies over at Lightbox SF. She helps makers, artists, and crafters brand their businesses by telling their stories and embracing what makes them unique.

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Congrats on your new Etsy shop Karen. Giving yourself something tangible to work toward is the key to reaching goals.


I always take time during my New Year’s vacation to do this regarding my family and my job. This year it will be little different because I will be focusing on my family and my new Etsy shop. My ultimate goal is to quit my day job by January 2013.


Great Megan. Have a happy holiday!


Thanks! I will be sitting down and doing this exercise after Christmas! Love reading these posts…so inspiring!

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