Big Sneak Peek…BIG!

As some of you may know, the Paper N Stitch blog will soon be expanding into an interactive website for artists, makers, indies labels, and small businesses. I have been keeping it hush hush up until now, but I can no longer contain my enthusiasm. This is a tiny preview of what the site looks like. What do you think?

UPDATE: My very talented fiance and I have been working hard on the website over the last few months and it is almost complete and looking incredible (if I do say so myself)! There will be plenty of updates about the site in the coming weeks and it is set to officially launch on October 1st October 15th. 

I will be inviting artists, makers, and designers to participate in the first online exhibition for the site launch in the coming weeks. If you would like to be considered for this invitation, you can email me a link to your site at papernstitch[at] Bloggers and writers are also encouraged to email me with any inquiries or questions.

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Exciting! Can’t wait to see it!

Kelly E.

Thanks Kelly! I am excited too.


just came about your blog…looks like very exciting things are about to sprout here ~ can’t wait to see!

best wishes ~


Thanks so much Heidi. I am really looking forward to the possibilities in the future.


Wow this sounds exciting! All the best!


This looks brilliant! I’m really looking forward to seeing the paper n stitch empire expand!

Kiss Prudence

Thanks KissPrudence!


Sounds like something we really need!


Would love it if you check out my shop!


I can’t wait! Such a good project. Congrats on the idea.
Abigail Macedo

Abigail Macedo

Great idea! It looks good!


Anabela Romano

doesn’t this web site has other languages support??

ingiltere dil okulu

That is a great question Ingiltere Dil Okulu. We welcome international makers, artists, and designers to submit their work. Unfortuantely at this time, the site will only be available in English.


I’d be interested in being in the exhibition. Check out my store at Thank you!


Sounds like this could be a good plan… I hope to be included in the online exhibition. You are welcome to include my links here too 🙂 I will be happy to blog about your site, when you let me know


Sounds like this could be a good plan… I hope to be included in the online exhibition. You are welcome to include my links here too 🙂 I will be happy to blog about your site, when you let me know Thanks.


I like what you are trying to do and would be happy to be included. I have 2 shops
If you would like you can check out my blog and if you like I can add a link for you.

Ginger Gonzalez

Good luck on your new website. I read about this in your flickr. I would like to be in the exhibition. Please check my Etsy store. If I can’t make it, I still would like to see the new website, so please let me know when it’s ready. Thanks.


i would love to..anything for a florida peep


[…] for the first exhibition and then I will start rolling submissions over to the second exhibition. Click here for more info on how to […]

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Finally…I’ve been wondering…where the h**k is the login page?…(^.^)…i thought your blog was kind of interactive one already…

I will join your blog (^.^)…it’s soooo coooollll…

wish you and your fiancee all the best to develop this web b(^.^)


Oh wow sounds Fantastic!


I’m totally intrigued and can’t wait to learn and see more!

I have two shops devoted to trendy, fun handmade fashion for little ones if you’re interested: (accessories for babies) (clothing for toddlers)



Wow…thanks for all your hard work! Can’t wait to see it!


Please send more info… what kind of work are you looking for?

In addition to my website: http://www.flowersbyfarha I also have two online shops:

http://www.flowersbyfarha.etsy (which is where I hear about your project)


Good luck with your venture!



tried to post comment but looks like it’s not going through.

posting in your etsy thread.


I would like to join your list or group.
Thank you for this opportuniy.

Joy Lucio

I would like to join your group.

Joy Lucio

I would love to be part of your new experience!
Ciao Valeria

valeria fittipaldi

Hello I would be interested in joining as well. You may also find me at or my website:
thanks & it looks like it will be Fabulous!


hi! i would love to be considered. my site has handspun yarns, etc on it it, my flickr site has the other things that haven’t been added in the gallery yet, fine art and crafty art.


I would love to be considered
I have an etsy,also a flicker photo


I’d be like to take part in. I do Christmas ornaments.


I would love to be considered for your online exhibition here is my link
thanks for the oppurtunity
kraftykrew aka Rita,Frances,Irene


I want to be like you (((“when I grow up”)))


I would love to be considered. Here is my store:


Thank you!

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