For the Birds

Image c/o Modern Bird Houses

There are some really bad birdhouses out there, but all the cute little birdies shouldn’t have to suffer because of it.  They deserve great design too and this has to be my absolute favorite bird house that I have come across. It’s from Modern Bird Houses. What makes these so great is the fact that they are architectural.

Left to right. FEED Bird Feeder by Arcamita from Greener Grass Design and Lantern Bird House from Jonathan Adler


Left to right. DIY Cardboard Birdhouse from Curiosity Shoppe and Take Away Bird Feeder by Eva Solo from Greener Grass Design

The birdhouse from Curiosity Shoppe is perfect for the budget-conscious buyer and DIYers alike (it’s only $5 and you put it together yourself). It is made of laminated cardboard, so it won’t get soggy in the rain. And if the outside is too plain for your liking, you could easily paint it or use stamps to create an interesting print.

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