Birdhouses you’ll Wish you Could Live In

I am so excited to share Burd-Haus with you today.

Nathan Danials just launched his handmade modern birdhouse collection in May, and I can’t help but be just a teensy bit jealous of the birds that get to call his ‘haus’es home.

Before I show you my favorites from the shop, I just have to share what Nathan has to say about Burd-Haus…

My goal with Etsy is to create modern shelters for our fine, feathered friends. My professional background is in retail furnishings, but creating my own products is my passion. We are a family run business with one full-time employee, and a 6 year old consultant who works pro bono for now…

Visit Burd-Haus on Etsy now and find the next house for your feathered friends.

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That’s pretty cool !!

Inspired by the design and the styling, I will be going for one outside my house for the little angels 🙂

Thanks a tonn….




Love these! They blend into the environment just enough but still retain a modern design aesthetic. The first one might be my fave.. but I love the “duplex”, too!


The bird’s house is very unique and I like its design. Birds will surely love to be in this house. They will enjoy its nice design and I believe that this is good for them because I see that they are safe here.


Me too Linda. Me too!


These are so cool! Would love to have one of these on view outside my window.
Those lucky birds are stylin’.

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