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Good afternoon. Today we have a giveaway from Kathryn of  Blackbird Letterpress. Kathryn has generously provided a really great (and brand spanking new) limited edition 2010 letterpress owl calendar. Details: Hand carved multiple block linocut, letterpress printed with handset type on recycled “chipboard”. Pages were custom designed/ printed on 100% recycled paper. Measures 11″ x 15″. Limited edition of 42 calendars. Retail value= $25 each. Winner to receive one calendar.


How do you enter the giveaway?

There are several ways to play and you may enter up to three times. First, visit the Blackbird Letterpress shop and browse around for your favorites, then come back here and tell us which ones you like most. Second way to play, answer this question in the comments: What plans do you have for 2010 (big or small)? Third, blog, twitter, or facebook about this giveaway or Kathryn’s shop and leave a link in the comments here.

The giveaway will end on October 27th at 11:59 pm eastern time.

Visit Blackbird Letterpress the shop and website for more from Kathryn.

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I have no clue what 2010 will hold but I hope it is a good year. I expect big changes in my life 7 pray that they are all for the better. I would love to go see England, Ireland & Scotland…but that’s just in the dream stage right now…can’t mark it on a calender 🙂

Patti Bright

I love all the bird items & the owls & I love the Bronco letterpress Moleskine Cahier.

Patti Bright

My plan for 2010 is to get my craft area cleaned and organized so I can start making things again.

Anne G

I tweeted:

Anne G

Well my favorite thing is the calendar you are giving away. After that I like the peacock feather cards and the Boat ride letterpress Moleskine cahier.

Anne G

In 2010, my goals include getting my artwork published, preferably in a book! I’m putting my energy out there, and have faith that it will all work out. :o)


I’d love to be included in the giveaway. I’m in love with the beetle gift tags from your shop! Thanks for the opportunity.


And I’m back. I tweeted about the shop, but I don’t know how to link to a tweet. Anyway, I’m @upupcreative and here’s what I said:

I think my son would learn to sing a ballad just so he could thank me balladically (a word??) if I got him this:

julie green

Oh, I am so entering all three times for this contest because my son would actually die for that owl calendar and I love it, too! So my big plans for 2010 are raising our new baby girl, who is due at the end of 09, and my small plans are to sit and think and enjoy as often as I can.

julie green

Ooh. Honestly the owl is my favorite, but I absolutely love so many of the other things in the shop, too, like the congrats card and the ferris wheel card.

julie green

My little son begins preschool and I want to move working… a lot of changes!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es


Gorgeous!!!! I love 2010 Bridge Birds letterpress Calendar too!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es




Love the bigfoot mini notebook (and many, many more). Just tweeted about the giveaway @dolangeiman.

Ali Walsh

I can’t pick just one favorite so I will give you my top 3!

– heart mini letterpress notebook
– spiny sea flower card
– bear of peace letter press holiday cards


Oh! Lovely! 🙂 I love the mini notebooks – particularly the heart and ‘old faithful’. 🙂 Great shop!!

Michelle Clement

the Susan B Anthony moleskin is an inspiring little notebook indeed!


So hard to choose!
I do like the Peace on earth bear card

and the powerline screen printed flags:

very swish!


I love the Bluebird mini notebook and the Blackbird Cahier—I also really enjoy reading the descriptions of the items. In 2010, we will be moving to Paris!

Thanks for this generous giveaway ; )

Kathy Slaughter

Calendars and holiday cards are my favorites! Love the new black bear cards.


In 2010: I will be present and joyful in my moments instead of looking to future moments and hoping for joy in them, live love, and continue my fitness journey – maybe a marathon or a big hike…

Kathryn Bornemann

I pass on your giveaway offer to others via these magical computer vehicles…away it goes into web land…


plans for 2010: I am embarking on a new adventure: Big Heart Services, compassionate crisis management. I have done social work and counseling for over 30 years and am now forming my own business to accomodate the shrinking services for those in need. We will see how big or small it becomes…size is not important, it’s the quality. Your cards would be beautiful thank you cards!


I love your birds on a wire line…cards, journals, flags…your website is on my gift wish list and what I want to send to others.


I like the the blackbird flags.


2010: work on recovering from chronic illness, become funtional enough to finish school or get job.


I really like the birds in flight cards!


I like these the best, but everything in the shop is lovely!

Lovebirds letterpress cards
Lady with scissors mini letterpress notebook
the Spirograph letterpress Moleskine and the Owl Calendar

In 2010 I want to actually use the lino print materials I bought a couple of years ago and start printing!!

I blogged about the shop and giveway here


All the bird designs are fantastic…especially the burrowing owl calendar!


Love the owl calendar!
Goals for 2010:
*Publish my first short story
*Qualify for the Boston Marathon (I’m thisclose!)
*Start my side business (which will someday hopefully become full-time)


I love the spiny seaflower cards.

Also, in 2010 I hope to finally learn to spin on my spinning wheel.


For 2010, I will be working on my 2nd and 3rd semesters of my Masters in Fine Arts.


I love! the NEW Portrait Moleskine series Set of 4 🙂


I decided that I love the Blue Bird mini letterpress notebook. I really like little notebooks like that, I’m always jotting down ideas.

I also have an owl collection, so of course I was drawn to this calendar!

Thanks for the opportunity.

lilygreig at gmail dot com




In 2010 I hope to learn how to speak French!


I love the bird in tree letterpress flags. They are so lovely!




I have plans to start a blog I have been wanting to start for some time now… I hope to buy my first house is 2010 as well! Hopefully!!


I am loving the Spiderlily Lovebirds letterpress cards! So pretty!


2010 will hopefully bring another baby into our little family…keeping our finished crossed!

Julie R

I love the Sweet Cake Flags!

Julie R


Stephanie G.

My plans for 2010 is to take my son to Disney World

Stephanie G.

I really love the Bronco letterpress Moleskine Cahier

Stephanie G.

The Sign Language Moleskine is my total fave I think, and the ferris wheel cards are a very close second.


I tweeted (under the name pippirose77).


2010–I will be 50, so I want it to be a year that counts. Try new things…always wanted to learn photography. Finish old things–too many projects that need completion. Banish the phrase “I can’t” out of my vocabulary.


I love the designs! The owl calendar is fantastic. I adore owls.
From the etsy site, my fave is the Lovebirds letterpress cards.


I have great plans for 2010, i will start to keep a journal so i stop forgetting important dates and memories.
I also plan to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle so i don’t feel so tired all the time. Getting up early, doing exercise and always eating breakfast.


Blackbird flags!!


In 2010 I plan to finish visiting every state in the US that I haven’t been to yet.


I love the Progress letterpress Moleskine cahier!


Our big plans for 2010 are “talking baby”, celebrating 6 years of marriage and both of us turning 27. 🙂

Melissa N.

I’m in love with the gerber daisy notecards and the peacock feather cards 🙂 Beautiful shop!

Melissa N.

My favorite is the Cypress letterpress mini notebook. Everything is wonderful.

Mia J.

My business plan for 2010 is to get out to more craft markets and jewellery parties and expand my business both online and offline.

Deb D

I love moleskine cahiers, so I definitely pick this “bird on the wire” one:

Deb D

sent out a tweet!

kitty mecham

2010 plans… be able to throw on the wheel 10 of the same size and shape goblets.

kitty mecham

I like the Cypress letterpress mini notebook!

kitty mecham

I really love the calendar on offer and the mini notebooks. I love kraft paper books and letterpress. Thanks!

Jacqui Mee a Bee

Oh gosh, it’s all gorgeous. I do love the powerline bird flags, and the other bird flags as well. A very unique idea… thanks for the giveaway.


Oh and 2010 is a year of folk festivals, magic shows and dogs… and that is only up until March


I like the yeti monster!


Count me in, please! 🙂
One of my faves is the Cypress letterpress mini notebook.


Ooooh…letterpress! I love the sweet cake flags… they’re so sweet!


I have looked at letterpress before and bookmarked it for the future. I have to say I must really love owls because my favorite thing is … Owl letterpress Moleskin Cahier … I NEED one of those!!


Ohhh- Owls.. I just love Owls. We listen to the Screech Owls at dusk and dawn and then the Barn Owls later at night. I think they are magical.
My plans for 2010 are to get something up for sale on my own Etsy shop. Got the shop started, but have not put anything on it yet. I guess being busy is a blessing, but there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day


I love the spirograph letterpress. I just found my moms spirograph from 45 years ago! I love it.


Love this calendar! Sucker for black and red on chipboard.

My plan for 2010 is to learn how make the most perfect poached egg. It’s a lofty goal, but I think I can do it with enough practice. Eggs benedict galore, here I come!


the blackbird flags are really nice!
this is lovely artwork. I’d be delighted to display a calendar like this in my home. thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing.



Caitlin Weber

I blog. 🙂


In 2010:
Small goal – write more letters to people and
Big goal – get a job doing what I love again.


The Birds on a Wire notecards are just fantastic!


I love her flags! I wish I had somewhere to put one.


The owl calendar is gorgeous my fingers are crossed I’d love to win. I love the merry and cheer cards they are soooo pretty.Thanks for the giveaway.Helen


What a great calendar! 2010 is going to be BIG!! I will turn 65; retire in January and go to Egypt in February. Looks like an adventurous year for me. Thank you for the give-away. csl

Carolyn Long

i love Wisdom letterpress Moleskine Cahier


1. i LOVE the ‘birds in flight’ cards!!
2. i twittered the giveaway as well!

haley dk

I posted a note about Blackbird Press on my FB page and Twitter.

FB =

Gini Lawson

I like Bird in tree mini letterpress notebook

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