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Cake Stands from Clara French

I absolutely love these cake stands by Clara French. I found them randomly one day, while looking for wedding cake inspirations. They are fun and a little bit whimsical and if you are afraid to commit to purchasing one, you can actually rent them for special events!

So why is this post called Blog I’m Lovin’? Well, one of my favorite blogs right now has absolutely nothing to do with handmade crafts, art or design. BUT it does have something to do with cakes… extremely unfortunately looking cakes! 

The blog, Cake Wreck, is dedicated to showcasing hilariously hideous cakes that were actually made by professionals. Readers send in images of disaster cakes and the best are posted. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so not all of the cakes are ugly, some just include the excessive use of quotation marks. But the best part by far of this blog, and why it is one of my favorites, is the writing. It is laugh out loud funny! Check out Check Wrecks here.

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I love that cake that says “one bon bon is poison”! Now that’s a party!

Mary P.
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