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Image from recent post on Scissors Paper Glue


I decided to save my blog of the week post for last today. It seems that I am on a bit of photography kick  (with the Americana post earlier today and now this). I accidentally found the blog of the week while browsing photos in an awesome Etsy shop, Scissors Paper Glue (which I found through Creature Comforts– thanks Ez).



Images from Scissors Paper Glue (the shop)


Anyway, the blog is also called Scissors Paper Glue, and is of course  run by the same girl. Each post on the SPG blog is a polaroid photo with a sweet little caption underneath. All her photographs are shot with a vintage 680 SLR Polaroid camera. I just love her work.

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I just found your blog and can’t believe I haven’t happened upon it sooner. I love your content and will be back for sure!


Thanks so much Adrienne. Welcome! You have an incredible blog yourself!


thank you very much for featuring my polaroid prints,blog and etsy shop here on your lovely blog.

have a wonderful week!

jen b
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