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simplyhue1. Corrie Bond 2. Zoha 3. Red Floral via Ooh Food 4. Ice Cream Lunch via Mayu 5. Manda {all images found on Simply Hue blog}

This weekend was really relaxing. We didn’t do much, which is a thumbs up in my book. So, I had a lot of time to search the internet for a couple of things. One in particular: inspiration photos… Jeff has been asking me to find photos for a project that we are working on. And I have found tons, I mean TONS of images. The problem is narrowing them down.

One of the first sites I went to happens to also be this week’s blog of the week: Simply Hue. About a month ago I became aquanited with Vicki Dvorak and her blog, who you may remember from this interview she did with super-blogger, Holly of Decor8 (really good read if you haven’t already checked it out). She has a great eye for style (as you can see above) and is delightful to boot. For more inspiration from Vicki Dvorak, visit Simply Hue.

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I adore Simply Hue, one of my daily reads. 🙂


these photos are lovely! i’m definitely going to have to check out that blog. so glad i’ve come across yours, though.


Thanks so much for this honor, Brittni. You’re a sweetheart and really made my day. Keep up the great work you do on Paper N Stitch!!!


i LOVE simply hue! it’s part of my morning routine to stop by and enjoy it’s loveliness!


So happy to hear that everyone love’s Vicki’s blog. Rightfully so!


[…] For two weeks (one week down, one week to go), Vicki from Simply Hue, who you may remember from this post, will be posting images from 3-4 photographers each day on her blog. At the end of the two weeks, […]

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