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Blog of the Week: The past couple of weeks, I have been following Elsita’s blog, The Hidden Seed: a blog dedicated to self expression through style. I have been so inspired by the way Elsita puts outfits together each day. I am wishing that I had her wardrobe (and sense of style).


If you love the mega-popular flickr group, wardrobe remix, you will absolutely love this blog! Almost daily, Elsita posts her outfit for the day and lists where she found or purchased each article of clothing. Its a wonderful fashion resource that you will want to visit again and again. Read more about The Hidden Seed here.

Visit The Hidden Seed blog. And explore Elsita’s beautiful art shop.


Image Credit: All images found via The Hidden Seed. Yellow Dress and Tights, Mushroom Skirt, Aqua Dress , and The Good Girl Outfit

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love the white blouse!!

laura trevey

Isn’t she just the best…I have been a fan for a while now.
I wish I had her wardrobe too!
Have a lovely Monday.


she is also an INCREDIBLE papercut artist. you can see her paper cutting at beautiful work!


absolutely ladies! and kathryn, you are so right- she does make amazing papercut pieces. such a talent!

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