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I guess this blog of the week has been a long time coming. Hey Susy* is a personal favorite. Now, of course all of the blogs featured for blog of the week are favorites or I wouldn’t make them blog of the week. But this one is a guilty pleasure: can’t get enough.


Susan Connor (Susy) has an eye for all things lovely. And she showcases them on her gorgeous blog. But that’s not all this blogger finds time to do. She is also the woman behind Susy Jack* Contemporary Paper. Check out the Hey Susy*  blog right here.

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Susy is amazing! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her recently and she is not only lovely and inspirational, but hilarious to boot. She’s incredible!
Great to see her featured!


That’s so cool that you guys were able to meet up.


Ahhhh! Thank you! I love her blog. Love love. And that camera is absolutely amazing. If only I could spend the day taking photos with it.

Brittany Noel

I love her blog too. Her choices of color & texture are wonderful!

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