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Last week, I had a little contest on the Etsy Forums for this week’s Blog of the Week. There were a lot of excellent blogs that were submitted, but there was only one winner… SF Etsy Bay Area Blog. The blog was created by the Etsy SF Bay Area Street Team and was submitted by Brownies, a vintage shop in Berkeley, CA.

Clockwise starting at far left. Suspend (Heavy-Weight) Print from Ckuhwald, Deery Card Pack-Small from Ckuhwald, Flock Tunic from Kaching Design, and Cat Skirt from Kaching Design

These are some of the wonderful finds you will see on the San Fran blog. The artwork in the Ckuhwald shop is breath-taking and I just love the playful approach of Kaching Design’s clothing.

Clockwise starting at Top Left. Storefront image from Brownies Vintage, High Waisted Vintage Navy Jeans from Brownies, Vintage Genesis T-Shirt from Brownies, and Vintage Rose Color Sun Glasses from Brownies

Brownies is one of the writers for the SF etsy blog. In addition to the Brownies Vintage shop in Cali, Brownies also sells online at Etsy here. So you don’t have to go all the way to Berkeley to pick up those awesome high-waist jeans!

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Cool! Thanks for featuring our blog! I love how you did the photos.

Maile/SFetsy team member.


Wow! Thank you so much for featuring our group! I am so happy to be a part of SF Etsy. Brownies is a great shop.


Awesome! Really great to see SFEtsy getting more exposure. Thank you for posting about our group’s blog!


I love your blog ~ and not just because you featured us! although I am thankful you did. Thanks so much.

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