Image c/o Bombus

OH MY!!! I have been a fan for some time of Bombus’ use of world maps to create cards, envelopes, notepads, and bowls, but I had no idea that Bombus was also making chairs LIKE THIS! I cannot get enough of them. They are so incredibly bold and cheery. 

1. Atlas Notebook from Bombus 2. London Map Dish from Bombus 3. World Atlas Bowls from Bombus

4. New York Notebook from Bombus 5. Hand Covered Atlas Notebook (Choose your country, state, or continent) from Bombus

The Bombus shop is swimming in map/atlas related goodies, in addition to some wonderful chairs. Personally, I think #5 would make a perfect gift for someone that you love, especially since its customizable to the region , country, or state you prefer. Very nice! For more from Bombus, visit the website here or browse the shop here.


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