Book by its Cover: 60s Spelling Dictionary

I snagged this book a couple of weeks ago at the antique store down the street from my house. Love the cover and the colors.

Book Info: Instant Spelling Dictionary (1967) New Third Edition

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My name is Sinead and I work for a design agency called hat-trick design.

We are currently producing a book and would like to use the dictionary image we found on your website:

We are liaising with the publisher in order to obtain usage rights. However, we require a high resolution version of this image. Would you be able to provide this? We require the following size: 70mm wide @ 300 dpi

If you could let me know, that would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards


Sinead Brennan

How perfect! I love how it’s set up inside. the font is lovely.


That is so funny Brenda because when I was at the register to pay for this book, the woman behind me said the same exact thing. That she had the same one growing up. She even offered to buy it from me, but of course I had to decline. Small world!


I grew up with that book! Same colors, everything. Wow, talk about an instant flashback. 🙂

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