Brian Novatny


Mary and a Log and Twisting in the Wind


I am adoring the work of Brian Novatny right now. I found him on the Marcia Wood Gallery site a couple of weeks ago. And although I may never be able to afford one of his pieces, I will continue drooling and dreaming. The textural, patterned layers and muted (yet somehow colorful) color scheme draw me in, and the unusual way that figures are incorporated keep me interested. His work also reminds me a little bit of James Rosenquist (especially the image below), which can’t be a bad thing. Right?


Trying to Get Her Attention


The titles of Novatny’s mixed media paintings lead the viewer to suggest they are seeing a captured moment in time: a fleeting moment, perhaps mundane or perhaps not. And the disconnect between each figure and its surroundings is intriguing to me. 



So, now that you know who I am fascinated with this week, I am curious to know what artist you are currently digging. Leave a comment here with the artist’s website (even if its your own). I would love to check em out!

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