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Okay, I’ve had another round of business cards in my proverbial back pocket for WAY to long. It’s time to ‘release the kraken’. So here’s round 3 of the Bring It! Biz Card Inspiration series (links to round 1 and 2 at the end of this post)…

Great logo: (above) When it comes to business cards, if you have an awesome logo, you can let it do all the talking. Danae from GATHER and HUNT has a great logo. It’s one of my favorite business cards of this batch. You can never go wrong with letterpress.

Using Color to Represent your Brand: The Eulalie Handmade card is from a buddy in Seattle, Stephanie, who has a cozy scarf line. The neutral color feels super soft, just like her knit goods.

Another example of color use would be Megan from Not Martha. She keeps her business card design clean while adding a big color pop – her signature red.

Consistency: My friend Danni from Oh, Hello Friend always has pretty business cards, whether it’s for her blog or one of her online shops. You always know it’s hers. Her business cards for The Wanderlust (one of her shops) is super cute just like the rest.

Again, along the lines of consistency, the designs of these two cards (above) are in line with each company’s overall message. Side note: I met the editor of at the Delta Faucet blogger’s event I attended earlier this year. And I met photographer, Kimberly Taylor (above right), at an impromptu cupcake party with Melanie, Uncle Beefy, and Megan. Gees, I really miss Seattle sometimes.

Keeping it Simple: You don’t have overcomplicate things with a ton of informtaion on your cards. An email  and web address are really all you need. In fact, you might be able to get away with just a URL. Once people get to your website, they can find the other things you’d normally include (email address, phone number, twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc). Satsuma Press is a good example of keeping things simple in the best way possible. I love the color combo too.

That’s it for today’s biz card inspiration. If you’re headed to Alt in January, you have about 4 months to get your cards ready. Still plenty of time – but it will creep up on you at the end, so I’d get it done soon if you can. I’m working on mine now and I can’t wait to show them off next year.

Looking for more business card inspiration? Check out part 1 and 2 from the biz card series here and here & my business card inspiration board on Pinterest for more.

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I don’t know how I missed this post, but today while I was searching for something related to my new business cards I spotted an image of my card and thought- where is that from? Thanks for the awesomely kind words about my logo and card! 😉



@creaturecomfort, @papernstitch has some great biz card inspiration on her website, 3 posts plus a Pinterest board –

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I can say i have never seen such cute business cards- nor did i think that business cards could even look somewhat stylish? Love it!

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