Bringing New Meaning to ‘Pinning’

These days, ‘pinning’ is something that most of us think of as virtual – pinning inspiration to our boards online, but I like the old school way of doing things too. So I got a hold of these cool little things called Pinhooks and have been going to town with them – pinning up inspiration on our walls and keeping things a little more organized. They come in lots of colors (and clear – which is my fave) and they are made in the USA. Yay!

I’ve been using them to hang my jewelry, bags, and craft supplies mostly, but I pinned a few magazine clippings up too (real life pinboard)…and since I know you love to DIY, I’m curious to hear how you would use these little guys.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other ideas. I’d love to hear ’em! There are more creative use ideas in the video on the Pinhooks homepage too.

P.S. See those old photos of my grandma next to my necklace? I just nabbed a whole box of ’em when I went out there last time. I love old black and white family photos.

You can visit to grab a bag of your own ($6 for a set of 20).

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Bringing New Meaning to ‘Pinning’: These days, ‘pinning’ is something that most of us think…

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Fun! RT @papernstitch: Bringing New Meaning to ‘Pinning’: These days, ‘pinning’ is something that most of us think…

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Wow, that’s really cool, so small and almost invincible!!! Thanks so much for that tip!


Good point! They are almost invisible. It kind of looks my stuff is floating in the photos, huh? Thanks for stopping by Monsterscircus.


Love these! So great for changing things up on my walls :).


Really cute ideas!



Thanks ladies. 🙂 Let me know if you have any other ideas.


I’m surprised by how much weight they seem to be able to hold. I am helping my cousin with a closet revamp and I see a box of these in our future!


Awesome Elizabeth. I think these would be perfect for a closet. I don’t how much weight they can officially hold, but they worked great for what I wanted to hang. Good luck with your cousin’s revamp.


Wow! I wish we those here in the Philippines.. 🙁 🙂

Melissa Basit

What a great way to display jewellery (and keep it organised)! I’d use them to hang up my keys in a visible place – I keep forgetting where I’ve put them lately! Or maybe I could put a few along a wall and hang fairy lights off them, that would be really pretty I think!

And on the topic of pinning, my latest post on my own design blog is about my new ‘real life’ pinboard collage, if you’d like to take a look –

Megan x


Don’t you love ‘real life’ pinning Megan!? I’ll definitely check out your blog. Thanks for the link. 🙂


Great! using them you can make a work of art! Put many many pinkhooks in the wall and join together with colored wires, it should be funny 😉


I am so getting these!! Love it!


I love that idea Gialloverderosa!


OMG that BAG! Tell me more about that amazing bag!


🙂 The bag is by Loquita. I bought it about a year ago and use it whenever I travel. I love it.

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