Bringing the Outside In


1. The Four Seasons Minis 23K Gold by Bailey Doesn’t Bark 2. Birch Bark Set by Small Stump + Studio Choo 3. Fields of Fungi Gift Tags by K is for Calligraphy 4. Faux Mossy Stone Set by Small Stump + Studio Choo 5. Merci by Lemon Loves Paper 6. Brown Wooden Stones Print by Small Stump + Studio Choo


When I was younger, my parents would take my brother and I on “nature trips”: hiking, camping, kayaking. And that is something that has always stayed with me. So, any chance I have to bring a little of the outdoors in, I take. I love this woodsy inspired roundup. Small Stump + Studio Choo is the perfect place to shop for forest goodies. I just received a bunch of the birch bark tubes in the mail today and I can’t take my eyes off of them. On another note, I am crossing my fingers for a Four Seasons set from Bailey Doesn’t Bark. RJ come up with the most original designs. 


All by Elon Schoenholz 7. Manchester Ficus 8. Lafayette Ficus 9. Carlson Park Ficus


In contrast, I am intrigued by these photos from Elon Schoenholz right now as well (Elon happens to be the cousin of Sharon Montrose). The juxtaposition of hard concrete and the organic lines of the trees is beautiful. And reminds me of California- oh how I miss you Cali!


What are your fondest memories from childhood and how do they inspire you today?

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Ahhh, my fungi mushroom tags finally feel at home amongst these nature inspired wonders. Thank you!

I am sure my memories of the outdoors indirectly inspire me everyday. Making mud pies down by the creek, picking blackberries (and sometimes selling them door to door to neighbors), weeding (a chore that never seemed like a chore until now), collecting acorns and of course many many camping trips!

Cali misses you too Brittni!


Thanks Shanon. I love your story (and of course your photos). Knowing this now, I think I will see your photos in a whole new way. Can’t wait to go sneak another peek at them and try to pick out all the colors. 🙂


This is a really great collection of things. They make the imagination wander. When I was little I really loved color. I would collect colorful pens and notebooks. I had a puffy vest that had rainbow colors on it. And I really didn’t feel settled until there was even amounts of color everywhere. I think this shows in my work because even though each piece has a tight color palette I try to hit every color at some point. =)

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