Brooklyn Love: Part II Alyssa Ettinger

1. Antique replica Porcelain Milk Bottles, Cloverleaf Dairy 2. Antique replica Porcelain Milk Bottles, HOOD Dairy Boston

Part II of Brooklyn Day is the work of Brooklyn-based artist, Alyssa Ettinger. Her pieces are  works of art: such simple beauty. I just love everything in Alyssa’s shop. It certainly makes buying more difficult for someone indecisive like me, when there are so many gorgeous pieces to choose from. 

1. Knitware Coasters 2. Knitware Tumbler 3. NYC Themed Milk Bottle Set from Antique Replica Bottle Series

What I love most about the Knitware collection is the soft texture that is created on a hard surface. Great juxtaposition. And of course, the Milk collection is great as well and offers an excellent alternative to the typical vase. 

One other thing I wanted to mention about Alyssa is that 90% of her shipping supplies are recycled. Always, great to hear! For more from Alyssa Ettinger, visit her website or Etsy store.

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