Bundled Up

The weather here in Seattle this week seems super up and down. One day it was as if I couldn’t put enough clothes on before braving the cold and the next a light jacket seemed to do the trick.

If I just had a few more scarves I think I’d feel more prepared for any kind of weather (right now I only have one – and it’s awesome. but I could use a few more). At least, that’s what I am telling myself at the moment. Any excuse to shop, right?

I found a few from Little Birdie Design Studio that I really like. Maybe one of these will do the trick? I really like the grey one and this orange one looks cozy too.

Of course, if I am going to shop for myself, it only seems fair to get something for Luna too..

That’s right. Tori makes doggie scarves as well. Are these not the cutest things ever or what?

Stop by Little Birdie and get 10% off your order when you use the promo code PNSFAN at checkout. 

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I guess I didn’t realize that only having one scarf was weird living in Seattle. I didn’t even have one when I lived in Florida, so I felt like I was upgrading when I got the first one. 🙂 Guess I really better buy a few more.


I love scarves! Keeps me so cozy and warm! Those scarves look great 🙂

Danielle Hardy

Uh, one scarf? And you live in Seattle? My neck is cold for you!
I have tons and love that they add color and pattern to my outfits. I especially enjoy throwing caution to the wind and coming up with daring combos, like stripes and plaid. Those knitted scarves are really pretty. And who can resist that dog?


You have only 1 scarf?! I have dozens, its actually become a small addiction! Go buy more scarves! And some for the pooch too….this one is sooo cute!x


I love those scarves. Time to hit the craft store and buy some yarn to knit something like them! My sister lives in Seattle and was just saying the same thing to me yesterday when she was walking around the lake.

Seriously Sassy Mama
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