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Lightning in the Forest Buffet 


Some people have DIY oozing out of their eyeballs, they’re so crafty. But not everyone can make a picture prefect dress out of medicine boxes. So, for everyone else there’s Mastercard. Hehe- just kidding…sorta. But seriously, if you have the money, these vintage mid-century finds that have been made new again by the Busy Beavers are a great solution for those without the craft gene or the time to take on a project like this.


1. Circle Circle Dot Dot Sewing Table  2. Fantastical Wood Grain Dining Set 3. Yellow Bellied Betty


The line  is based out of Richmond, VA from a small eco-friendly store, Ecologic. And the Busy Beaver shop opened about a month ago. Each item is upcycled vintage and each piece of furniture in particular is finished with low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and sealers, which is really important to many of us nowadays. For more from The Busy Beaver, click here to visit their shop.

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What I wouldn’t give for that sewing table! (And the buffet, for that matter!)


Love the buffet! And the bird. Reminds me of a store in Chicago called White Attic.


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