Caitlin Shearer

Caitlin Quiet (AKA Caitlin Shearer, a twenty year old Aussie) will soon need no introduction. She is making gals and guys alike swoon all over the world, from her home in Australia all the way to Asia and back again. Her adorable characters can be found on everything from prints to totes. And shhh, lovelies who buy the Vintage Issue copy of Dujour will not only get a chance to read our fabulous feature interview with Ms. Amazing herself, they might even score an exclusive art print hidden inside the mag!

At any given time youll find Caitlin painting beautiful watercolour pictures of girls wearing pretty dresses and delicate underwear. Her uniquely odd drawings have been commissioned by Hopeless Lingerie for their Rosie Pepper and Jewel Thief collections, and are available as prints or on lovely t-shirts.

xx her flickr xx her etsy xx her blog xx her illustrations collab for hopeless xx

See you next week!

-Letitia of Dujour

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