Colors of the Rainbow

One thing I just can’t get enough of lately is color, color, color. Must be all that spring sunshine we’ve been getting. So here’s a little “colors of the rainbow roundup” featuring colorful products from our exhibitors on papernstitch.

What is your favorite color?

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I think turquoise is my absolute favorite color. SO, I’ll have to agree with you Tania. But as time goes on, I find that I am drawn to a lot of different colors, so its really hard to pick one favorite.


well usually i would answer ‘red’ to that question, which would hold true for my all time favourite… but day by day i fall in love with something different, at the moment i’ve got a real soft spot for aqua with murky yellows and greens… but the day is young and who knows where i’ll end up… !?
emma x

emma lamb

It must be the Spring sunshine & brighter days ‘cuz I’m feeling the same way. I can’t get enough of lemon yellow, pretty bright pinks & turquoise. These colors are just so much fun! 🙂


right now i can’t get enough of seafoam green, and mint green! the color of that suitcase is lovely!!

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