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Avril Loreti

Yesterday, I read this interview on Etsy with Avril Loreti, who is a past papernstitch exhibitor. Avril talks about why she became an artist, her favorite handmade possession and loads more. Below is an excerpt from the interview (love this business tip).

Avril Loreti mustache hankies

Mustache Handkerchief


“What advice would you give to artists who are new to Etsy?

Work on your business every day. Even if its only 15 minutes a day, make it a goal to always spend a little time working on your business. Whether its chatting in the forums, working on a new product, developing a system to organize your receipts, practicing your photography skills, applying to shows, and even surfing through blogs to get inspired, it all goes towards your professional development. Do at least 15 minutes a day and youll see how fast those baby steps really add up.”


To read the full interview, visit the featured seller post here.

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