The Procrastinators Guide to 2017 Calendars and Planners + Giveaway of My Fave Calendar

The Procrastinators Guide to 2017 Calendars and Planners

If you’re on top of things in the new year, you’ve¬†already gone through the cool 2017 calendars and planners out there to map out all of your goals, hopes, dreams, and (of course) deadlines. Kudos to you! For everyone else, there’s today’s roundup of 2017 calendars and planners.

It’s okay to procrastinate. You’ll get there eventually. ūüôā¬†Click through for the full procrastinators guide to 2017 calendars and planners. There’s a whole lot of good ones, including my¬†the huge calendar¬†that I use (and get asked about year after year).

P.S. I’m also giving away my all time favorite calendar to one lucky person (it’s #1¬†on the list and it’s HUGE – 4 feet wide). Want one? Click through to enter.

Here are my fave 2017 calendars and planners…

1. Stendig calendar from Need Supply $38
2. Painter’s Palette calendar from Emily Jeffords¬†$23
3. Geometry Planner from Poketo $16
4. Wine and Food Pairing calendar from Moorea Seal $22
5. Bon Voyage 2017 calendar from Rifle Paper Co $26
6. Postal Co wall calendar from Need Supply $13
7. Brushstrokes Planner from Poketo $16
8. TicTac Planner from Poketo $16
9. Snug Studio wall calendar from Need Supply $21

Win this giant Stendig calendar (it's 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall). Click through to enter.

GIVEAWAY! So the Stendig calendar that I’m giving away is the 2017 version of the giant calendar¬†I have in the studio, that¬†everyone always asks me about. I love it! So, I wanted to give one away to kick start one lucky someone’s new year, just for fun. This isn’t sponsored or anything, it’s just something¬†I love that I wanted to give away.

All you have to do to enter is follow me on Instagram¬†AND leave a comment on this Instagram post telling me what you’re up to in the new year so far. That’s it! And if you want to get crazy, you can enter a second time (in a new comment) by tagging a friend. I’ll announce the winner at the end of the week on that IG post and get this big guy shipped out asap. Good luck! Head to this Instagram post to enter.

Aaaannnd after you enter, I’m curious to¬†know which calendar / planner option from the roundup is your fave? What kind of planning do you¬†typical do to¬†prepare for a new year? Anything special?

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Oh good, Michelle! I love that one too.


Awesome Libby! Be sure to enter to win the Standing over on Instagram, if you’re a fan of that one. Entry link here:


The Painter’s Palette Calendar is exactly my taste! Thanks for sharing these!


Now, I use a bullet journal for my everyday planner situation. BUT I love a beautiful, graphic wall calendar and that one up there from Snug Studio is so babe-uh-licious. I can’t deal! But obviously the Stendig is at the topamost of my list of dream calendars. Yeah, I have a list.


Oh awesome, Sophia. Happy to hear that that was encouraging. ūüôā


I love the line that it’s okay to procrastinate because you get there eventually! That’s so much more uplifting than the whole buckle down and do it!! I don’t know what it is, but it sounds overall more encouraging. Especially digging all these planners and calendars!

xo, Sofia

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