Craft Venture: Enjoying your own holidays!

a family of mittens by artish

You’ve worked so hard to make sure your customers receive their purchases in time for the holidays. But what about you? You deserve to enjoy the holidays, too! What’s your plan to make sure you enjoy your own holiday season with your family and friends?

I, for one, am pretty tired this week! I’m finishing up holiday orders and moving right on to preparing for the Renegade Holiday Fair in San Francisco this weekend – the first full craft fair that I will be participating in. I think it’s safe to say that I will be even more tired a week from today. But after Renegade … I’m taking a few days off. Not only because Christmas nearly immediately follows, but also because I need to rest and recharge! I want to enjoy my holidays, rather than feel more stressed and even burnt out.

Many of us run our creative and vintage indie businesses in addition to working full or part time. Be honest … how many all nighters have you pulled in order to fill orders? If your answer is “one,” that’s too many (I speak from experience)! Even if you don’t work in addition to your business, being a small business owner means working long hours and not always feeling as though you are able to afford to take a day off. However, taking time away from your business allows you to gain fresh perspective and new ideas, while exercising or relaxing or just plain old having fun!

You don’t necessarily need to completely shut down your online business in order to enjoy your own holidays by taking a holiday. If you take a day or two off, you might not need to do anything other than make sure your customers know the timeframe within which you’ll respond to orders. Don’t forget, though, that your customers need to see communication several times in order for it to “stick,” so make sure your information is in your item descriptions, shop announcement and auto-generated message on order.

lime green slouchy beanie by moocow handknits

You may want to close down your site while you’re away, particularly if you are a high volume seller. Sites like Etsy allow you to put your shop “on vacation,” while allowing visitors to opt in for an email notification when you reopen.

Neither option is necessarily better – or worse – than the other. If you’re having a difficult time deciding, keep in mind that if you shut down your site, you won’t have immediate orders to return to, which you might prefer!

Of course, you might choose to not take a chunk of time away from your business. Perhaps your volume hasn’t been overwhelming or you have sufficient help and resources that personal time isn’t a challenge for you. Or … you simply don’t want to!

I do hope, though, that you will make some time for yourself to enjoy your own holidays with your loved ones. You will definitely benefit from the brief break and will be full of new ideas for the New Year!

Are you planning some time off for yourself this holiday season? What advice do you have, based on your experience as a business? And as a customer?

Happy holidays to all of you! Thank you for reading Craft Venture this year! Brenda from Phydeaux Designs

Image credits:  A family of mittens, by Artish; Lime green slouchie beanie by moocow handknits

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Brittni, I totally agree! It’s so important for any small business owner to take time off for recharging! And the same holds true for any employee. Employees typically do take time off thanks to vacation hours they’ve accrued, etc. It’s so much harder for those who live and work online, a 24/7 culture!

Gabreial, thank you! And happy holidays to you.


Good morning!

Great article. I do plan to take off some time from writing. As a blog writer, I think it is important to not loose site of yourself, and your goals. Everyone needs time off to refresh and renew. If I don’t take time off here and there my creative flow begins to fail. It’s also easy to get caught up in the materialistic things of the holidays when you run an internet business so I like to pull a way for a bit to re-grasp all of the things that are most important to me and it isn’t shopping!
Have a great day and a Merry Christmas.


Brenda. I think this is a great question to ask not just for makers, but for anyone that runs their own business. I know for me personally, it is very difficult to take any time off, but its really important to take some time (no matter what the length) to be away from work to recharge.


Thank you, Leah! Such a good point – having young ones does require a different pace – particularly during the holidays! Happy holidays to you and yours!


I have to take breaks – being pregnant has forced me to slow down, as there are days it’s all I can do to keep up with my toddler! Great article 🙂

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