Crafty Business Tips: Even Small Blogs Can Offer Advertising

By Brittni • Updated on 08/31/2010

So you’re thinking about allowing people to advertise on your blog?

What a great idea. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about blog advertising. In fact, some people will tell you that you have to get up to a certain amount of subscribers or a certain amount of page views before you can even think about offering advertising on your blog. But that is simply not true. It doesn’t really matter how many blog readers you have, you just have to make the advertising cost proportional to the amount of traffic you receive.

I’ve seen small blogs offer advertising for as low as $5-15 a month. And while that may not even put gas in your car, it is certainly a start. So, here’s what I suggest: check out other blogs and find out their rates and stats and kind of compare that info to your own so you have a general idea of what your starting point should be. *I am not suggesting that you waste bloggers time by pretending your are interested in advertising just to get their info. So what am I suggesting? Do your homework and research other blogs. Many bloggers actually supply their advertising rates some where on their site, so start with those.

Now, if you don’t feel comfortable offering paid advertising based on your numbers or some other reasoning, you still have options.

For example, you could decide to go the free route instead. Offer free weekly or monthly blog advertising to quality shops and sites that suit the style of your specific blog. This option has the potential to really get people to rally around your blog, because you would be offering a free service to small business owners. And let’s face it, most small business owners would jump at the chance for an opportunity like this.

And to ensure that you get something out of the deal as well, ask that shop selected for free ads add a link to your blog from their blog or etsy shop. This could be via a post about your blog with a link or just a simple addition to their blogroll. Its up to you- you make the rules. The benefit to this option is twofold. It will bring you incoming links, and (hopefully) will also bring more people to your blog and in time begin building up your audience, so that you can offer paid advertising in the future if you wish.

Do you have any tips for blog advertising to share with newbies? Leave your tips in the comments.

*image c/o Laura Evans

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Lauren, that is a great idea to ask family and friends to advertise to get things started. Sounds like the two of you are well on your way!



Thank you so much for your time, advice, and encouragement. I can’t wait to dive into Google analytics!

Today was spent making our blog look “pretty”. My fellow blogger and I will be working on some advertisements and grass roots marketing of our blog this weekend. Her husband’s family owns a health food store and will be the first to advertise! The ideas are spinning out of control in my head. So inspiring. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thanks again! -Lauren


Glad you enjoyed the post Cate. I think a lot of people feel like they don’t have enough readership to start something like ads, but the reality is anyone can do it- it just has to be the right price. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


Hi Brittni,

This is fabulous advice. Selling advertising space is something that I keep assessing as I didn’t believe my readership was large enough. I have one little ad space available via Project Wonderful but it bugs me that some of the ads look so ugly (did I say that!)

Cate Holst

Hi Lauren, I just sent you an email with some more suggestions. I am sure you are not just writing to the sky! I bet there are more people reading your blog than you think. Don’t judge your traffic by comments alone.


I have just started researching how to get our blog name “out there”. My dear friend and I just started a blog and are still establishing ourselves and our direction but it would be lovely to not be writing to the “sky” forever. Hopefully in the future we will have our own handmade goods and store but for now we are just enjoying blogging.

I appreciate your advice. I hope to soon be offering advertising (for free) on our blog. I think that is a great way to get started while you are still an unknown.

Thanks again.


That’s wonderful Gladys. I’d love for you to share your blog link when you do get it up and running.


I don’t have a blog yet but I think it is fate that I found this post because i am thinking of starting a blog. I am very interested in the money making side of blogging. Thanks for this post!!!!

Gladys Hedaya

thanks, great info!


My pleasure Sarah. Glad this post helped you.


I was considering this route! Great advice! thanks so much Brittni!

Sarah Storm

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them, Brittni. Very generous of you……best to you, Sondra


Great advice! Thanks for sharing.


That’s great to hear Vanessa. And Lori- yes it would be! And I am sure it would be MUCH appreciated by the shops you helped out as well.


Such interesting thoughts! I, personally, would love to do the free thing. It would be fun and maybe, just maybe help out a fellow artisan/blogger.

Thanks for a great post.


I had often wondered about that, but this is a great starting point to get me seriously thinking!


Well that is great to hear Dara and Tali. Have a good one ladies!


What a great post, and so very helpful. I still haven’t decided if I should go down that path, but if I decide I will, I am definitely using your post as a guide!

Tali Schiffer

I think I might try that free ad thing that you suggested. Thanks for the tips. I always look forward to your business advice.

Dara of Sentina Jewels
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