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By Brittni • Updated on 06/29/2011

Today I am chatting with Kristen Magee of the popular niche blog, Paper Crave, for our next papernstitch podcast. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers lately about blogging, and I thought Kristen would be a great person to interview. She has been blogging at Paper Crave for almost five years now, and as you can imagine, has a lot to say about running a successful niche blog.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, or you already have a blog that you are hoping to take to the next level, you need to listen to this interview.


Here’s what we discussed in the 60 minute podcast:

-The ins and outs of creating and writing a niche blog.

-Monetization options for bloggers in a niche market.

-What you need to know before you submit your work to a blog for a feature.

-And more.

You can visit Kristen Magee on Paper Crave and Invitation Crush for more paper inspiration, and Domestifluff for kitchen and crafting. You can also follow Kristen on twitter @papercrave.

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Listen to the podcast now…

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Thanks for the podcast ,needed it


Finally got around to listening to this podcast ! And it is so awesome to hear such valuable advice .My favorite is “riches are in the niches”
Its so true..the most successful blogs are the ones that have a specific niche..thanks for doing this, Brittni. I look forward to more of these in the future.


Great talk! really enjoy it! I never heard about “riches are in the niches†and I like it!


Hi, a few days ago, I was searching the web for something (I now can’t remember what it was!) and came across Papercrave, where Kristen mentioned this podcast and listened to it while my daughter was napping. Very interesting and informative! I’m about to open a little online shop of my paintings which are based on my cookie designs, so I found a lot of your discussion helpful. Thanks!


Great interview! Very helpful and informative…for us newbies its so easy to be completely scattered sometimes with ideas, so this gave some very good direction. some good FOCUS! Definitely going to try to apply it…thank you for taking the time to do this!

Renee Hathaway

Great podcast, thanks ladies! The advertising I did on Paper Crave (and papernstitch!) did wonders for my little shop and really helped boost my biz. Plan to do more in the future as both of you are wonderful to work with 🙂

Two Pooch Paperie

Brilliant! Thanks for all the advice.
Have shared the podcast on my blog:

maria - porsbydesign

Awesome podcast…especially the part about perfection…soooooo have to ditch the perfection procrastination!

Fee Jardine

Great to hear the positive feedback. It’s been a while since the last Papernstitch podcast, I am thrilled to get it back into “full-swing”.


brittni and kristen – thanks so much for this. lots of food for thought in the podcast! excited to learn about your new ventures too kristen, i’m sure they’ll be awesome 🙂

amy - thank you cards shop

Listening now and loving it 🙂 Very inspiring at exactly the right moment for me! Thank you!


This podcast was amazing! I hope there are more like this soon. I just started a blog and I loved the advice and what was said was so helpful!


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Creating a Successful Niche Blog | Paper Crave

Thanks so much for listening, everyone!

Mayi – I’ve filed away “riches are in the niches”, too. That’s a great one, Brittni!


Very cool Chisa. Glad this helped you.


I started my blog this year and am always happy to get good advice!

Thank you!


Hey Mayi. Yep, they are definitely back. In fact, I have a few lined up for the coming months already. So, hopefully we’ll keep ’em going. Yep, I love that phrase “riches are in the niches”. It seems like that idea kept coming up in my conversation with Kristen. Thanks for listening.


YAYYYY the podcasts are back. I love learning more about Kristen, specially since I’m a big fan of Paper Crave.

The advice about zooming in on your niche was head on + really struck a cord with me!

Making a post it: “Riches are in the niches”.


Off to browse more Paper Crave!

Mayi Carles
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